Stuck at Home: The Coronavirus’ Impact on Household Products

An analysis of COVID-19 related traffic trends and its impact on the consumer goods landscape in the United States.

Last Updated: April 10

We are in the middle of a global health crisis with far-reaching consequences that cannot be fully predicted at this time. Yet one thing is already clear: The food and retail industries play a crucial role in containing the spread of the virus.

There is an opportunity for consumer retailers and brands to move into new markets and drive more sales, due to some household goods and personal products seeing a massive increase in demand.

As the outbreak continues to spread, our whitepaper, Stuck at Home: The Coronavirus’ Impact on Household Products, explores some of the recent changes in consumers’ demand for household products, ranging from over-the-counter medicine and toiletries to hand sanitizers and face masks.

We will continually update this report to highlight the latest developments on how big retailers and household brands in the United States are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

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