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The State of the US Automotive Industry

The US automotive industry is comprised of car marketplaces, auto parts distributors, brand sites among others. The industry is experiencing a rapid evolution as a result of online marketplaces increasing in popularity and brands fighting to hold the top spot, in addition to recent changes in the landscape due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  

Similarweb’s updated report, The State of The Automotive Industry in the United States, presents insights into the latest trends in traffic, traffic quality and user acquisition strategies for both automotive marketplaces and brands, with specific focus on shifts that have occurred since the COVID-19 Crisis.

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The topics covered in this report include:

  • Overall industry traffic trends and changes since COVID-19
  • The biggest players in the auto space
  • Winning growth strategies and how they have been affected by Coronavirus
  • The impact of different user acquisition strategies on traffic quality.


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