About Croud

Founded in 2011, Croud is a global, full-service, digital marketing partner for some of the world’s leading brands. Through the seamless connection of data, technology and creativity, Croud develops strategies for sustainable growth that drive immediate business impact.

The Challenge: Visibility into the Competitive Landscape

Prior to Similarweb, the traffic analysis that Croud was able to carry out at both a brand and category level, and across different markets, was limited. The capability to carry out multi-market traffic and competitive analysis was not comprehensive enough. 

Thanks to the detailed site-level traffic data available, and the option to understand other sites people visit, the team is able to pull valuable insights for clients – such as traffic share for a client in a given market, or the growth of a sector over time, and how a client’s own growth compares.

Success: Improved Clients’ Market Shares

Similarweb is an invaluable tool that has helped Croud better serve clients. The three biggest successes have been:

  1. The unparalleled analysis has helped a leading lingerie client to fine-tune their local market strategies from adjusting media mixes to reflect category benchmarks to tweaking ad copy to unlock new pockets of their audience.
  2. The competitor app engagement metrics allowed a leading video-on-demand client to understand how new competitors entering the market attract consumers.
  3. The detailed competitor analysis allowed Croud’s leading homeware retail client to understand their competitors’ ad channels and review their own media mix on an ongoing basis.
"Similarweb has become an important tool for the Croud team. We use Similarweb to better understand the categories our clients operate in, their share of those categories, and how it might have changed over time.

That benchmarking can help to diagnose issues with brand health, to inform market sizing and ultimately to help us spot opportunities for our clients."

Duncan Nichols

Director of Strategy and Planning, Croud

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