Croud Unlocks Market Potential for Its Clients With Similarweb Insights

Croud uses Similarweb's site-level traffic data to analyze its clients' brands and categories across diverse markets - helping them to grasp their market share and growth potential.

About Croud
Croud is a global full-service digital agency that drives growth for brands through reinvention by combining a global network of digital marketing experts with a leading in-house team to give clients more time, more flexibility, and a focus on real business outcomes.
Duncan Nichols | Director of Strategy and Planning, Croud

"We use Similarweb to better understand the categories our clients operate in, their share of those categories, and how it might have changed over time. That benchmarking can help to diagnose issues with brand health, to inform market sizing, and ultimately help us spot opportunities for clients."

Duncan Nichols

Director of Strategy and Planning at Croud

The Challenge

Limited visibility into competitive landscape

Before Similarweb, Croud's ability to analyze traffic at both brand and category levels across different markets was constrained. Multi-market traffic and competitive analysis were not comprehensive enough.
The Solution

Unlocking insights with Similarweb

Leveraging the wealth of information embedded in Similarweb's site-level traffic data and its comprehensive understanding of users' browsing behaviors across various websites, Croud was able to extract invaluable insight for its clients. These encompass a 360-degree view of traffic distribution within a specific market, consumer trends within particular sectors, and a detailed analysis of client growth opportunities.
The Success

Improved clients’ digital market shares

Similarweb is an invaluable tool that has enabled Croud to better serve clients by fine-tuning local market strategies, understanding new competitors, and continually reviewing media mixes. The three biggest successes include: Fine-tuning a leading lingerie client's local strategies, understanding how new competitors attract consumers for a leading video-on-demand client, and ongoing competitor analysis for a leading homeware retail client.

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