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You may have heard that COVID-19 spurred unprecedented growth for the web conferencing industry. Yet, many questions remain unanswered regarding the extent to which web conferencing has grown, the current market share of different participants, and perhaps most importantly: how much of this growth will remain post-lockdown?

Join us as Industry Consultant and former sell-side analyst turned alternative data expert Jeremy Scott will be diving deep into the web conferencing industry through Similarweb data.

This webinar will give you a taste of what can be done with alternative data when evaluating SaaS companies. 

More Questions We'll Answer During This Webinar:

  • How does Zoom stack up against enterprise players WebEx and BlueJeans? 
  • How you can use Similarweb SaaS data to forecast client growth, revenues, and gross margins.
  • To what extent has education-driven web conferencing growth?
  • How has Zoom been impacted since the privacy issues?

About the Presenter

Jeremy Scott
Industry Consultant Similarweb

Jeremy Scott, CFA is an Industry Consultant on the Investor Solutions team. Prior to Similarweb, he was a sell side equity research analyst at Mizuho and CLSA, where he covered restaurants, food and consumer internet companies. He specializes in building robust predictive models and producing deep-dive market research for the investment community.