Analyze any website or app

With more people shopping online than ever, and consumers using more touchpoints, it has become increasingly challenging for businesses to control and influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Therefore, it has never been more important to be equipped with Market Intelligence to help your client adapt to the customer journey. This webinar will give you insight into consumers’ behaviors during their decision-making process, so you can advise your client about how to effectively influence consumers before they make a purchase and will cover each stage of the buyer journey including, awareness, consideration, evaluation, and purchase. 

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Reveal how people search for a product 
  • Uncover your client’s share of voice
  • Reveal how consumers research a product and learn how to bring awareness to your client’s brand 
  • Identify which competitors consumers compare your client to when considering a purchase
  • Discover which retailer is the best to partner with based on efficiency and customer loyalty 


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About the Presenters

Rachel Rix
Rachel Rix
Senior Solution Implementation Manager Similarweb

As Senior Solution Implementation Manager, Rachel is responsible for educating our customers on our Solution. Rachel helps map out the most relevant use cases to our customers and integrate Similarweb into their daily work processes. Rachel has worked with clients across various roles and industries including Retail, Travel & Leisure and CPG and knows exactly what our customers' pain points are and how to get maximum value from the tool.

Tomas Seliokas
Tomas Seliokas
Industry Consultant Similarweb

Tomas Seliokas is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb, specializing in the agency & management consulting sectors. He works with companies all over the globe, helping them use our online competitive intelligence solution to make better-informed business decisions.