Alexa’s shutting down.

Here’s your opportunity to get free ranking data and powerful insights to win your market. Welcome to the new era of digital intelligence.

Similarweb Senior Product Marketing Manager, Owen Badham, is breaking down the implications of Alexa shutting down later this year, and revealing how you can win your market using Similiarweb’s superior rank and digital data.

Using Similarweb’s market-leading and totally-free DigitalRank API we will show you how to:

  • Easily track, analyze, and beat the competition
  • Discover what top-ranked companies are doing to expand their market share
  • Leverage digital research features to meet your specific needs

Not sure what’s changed? Check out our blog post: Similarweb vs. Alexa: The Best Alternative to Amazon’s Solution before the webinar.

Owen Badham
Senior Product Marketing Manager Similarweb

A passionate product marketer and communicator with 10+ years expertise in the SaaS sector, placing the product marketing function at the heart of strategic business decision making.

Paul Niemiec
Digital Marketing, eCommerce Analytics & Senior Marketing Leader

Senior executive with a strong track record of developing strategies, products and teams that deliver top and bottom line results. A curious, innovative thinker and problem solver who consistently delivers actionable and data-driven solutions to benefit both my employer’s brand and their customers.