The travel sector is dominated by two powerful forces – the Booking and Expedia groups. Similarweb experts are  joined by Travel industry expert Tim Davis to analyze how two new trends will reshape the landscape.

In this session, we examined two trends that are having a big impact on the travel sector.

Register below to learn:

  • Why Hotel and Airline brands are placing a greater emphasis on their online presence
  • What this change means to the wider travel landscape
  • How non-traditional travel players like Costco and Google are reshaping online travel
  • Who else could be joining the mix and why

About the Presenters

Tim Davis

Tim Davis is the founder of PACE Dimensions, a research and management consulting firm focused on the Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Leisure sectors. Prior to this he spent over a decade as a senior executive Hilton leading marketing, commercial development and more. He is among the foremost travel experts helping business maximize the digital transformation and optimize their strategies for the new demands of the travel industry.

Ethan Chernofsky
Director of Corporate Marketing Similarweb

Ethan loves helping companies build and execute effective brand marketing strategies. Prior to joining Similarweb, Ethan was the Vice President of Headline Media. In 2015 he was recognized by Business Insider as one of the top 50 PR Professionals globally.

Gitit Greenberg
Sr. Director of Marketing insights

Gitit is a self proclaimed data geek with a passion for data visualization, has 10 years of experience in analyzing data and communicating it as actionable insights for various companies and audiences. Previously worked and led insights teams at Nielsen, Google and Vocativ