Australia’s New Digital Consumer – August 2022

Expert analysis and insights offering a complete view of post-COVID ecommerce trends.

Are you running an ecommerce business or competing for consumers’ attention?

Keeping track of the latest industry trends is a must-have for any digital marketing team. And digging into the strategies that the biggest and fastest-growing retail and CPG players are using to drive traffic can help you unlock new growth potential.

Our new industry report offers expert analysis and insights on Australia’s ecommerce space, delivering a complete view of post-COVID ecommerce trends.

Get your copy and answer:

  • Which retailer took over 60% of the Fast Fashion space?
  • What keywords are driving traffic to Activewear, Luxury Fashion, and Lingerie?
  • Which sites saw the most significant growth year-over-year and why?
  • BNPL vs. Big Banks: who’s leading the pack with 76% growth?

Here’s a short preview of what you’ll find inside: