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Creating an International SEO Strategy with Similarweb

by Strategic International SEO Senior Consultant Gianluca Fiorelli in collaboration with Similarweb

All organizations strive to build a strong SEO strategy, but many find it challenging to do so. This white paper, Creating an International SEO strategy with Similarweb, will help guide marketers as to how they can refocus their international SEO strategies, identify the right keyword strategy, and drive more organic traffic with Similarweb.

Similarweb’s latest report, written in partnership with Strategic International SEO Senior Consultant and Founder of @theinbounder conference, Gianluca Fiorelli, presents the factors that need to be considered when crafting an international SEO strategy and details how to conduct the necessary research.

The topics covered in this report includes how:

  • Non-SEO factors may influence your international SEO strategy, and geo-targeting policies
  • An international SEO strategy will vary based on existing nuances in each market 
  • To tailor international versions of your website and content
  • You can implement a keyword strategy based on local audience


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