Report | Telecom | 5G

A Deep Dive into the State of Telecom

Discover how new players, technologies and changing demand are shaping the future of telecommunications.

Unlimited data plans. 5G connectivity. Mobile virtual network providers. Our latest report, Digital Trends 2020: US Telecom Industry takes a look at the biggest trends transforming telecom this year.

Discover where most traffic is coming from, and which sites, marketing channels, and apps are performing the best in the US. Find out which mobile plans and devices are generating the most organic search traffic – and what that means for companies operating in this space.

This report covers data and insights on the main players in the US telecom market, including:

  • The competitive situation, traffic engagement, and market share of the Big Four carriers: T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint
  • Who’s winning the race to 5G? The opportunity in fifth-generation wireless technology and where it’s headed
  • Google Fi, Xfinity and other Mobile Virtual Network Operators’ (MVNOs) disruptive effect on the telecom industry

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