About Afiliza

Afiliza and their subsidiary Widilo provide online shoppers with offers, voucher codes, and cashback – monetizing the traffic they generate to European merchants who pay a commission for shoppers who complete purchases on their sites.

Identifying new, market-specific eCommerce brands and driving traffic to their sites is paramount to Afiliza’s success.

Challenge - Evaluating Affiliates & Monetizing Traffic

Afiliza’s Business Development team is responsible for global expansion and partnerships. Outside of select multi-national players, potential partners vary greatly across borders. Cultural nuances and language make navigating SEO impossible without an unbiased, third-party tool that surfaces the most effective keyword strategies.


Similarweb has become Afiliza’s sole Marketing Intelligence provider. Last year, Similarweb Affiliate insights surfaced 35 new partnerships that generated a 2% increase in revenue.  

The Keyword Analysis tool helps the company navigate the SEO landscape and prioritize keywords that drive high-quality traffic optimized for individual partner brands. Since integrating Similarweb, the business development team has greatly reduced the time to insight and improved the ROI of SEM investments by 15%.

"Similarweb empowers us to identify, qualify and secure revenue-generating partnerships. The Market Intelligence made available through the intuitive platform greatly accelerates our expansion into new markets.

Using Similarweb, Afiliza established 35 new partnerships that generated a 2% increase in revenue and has improved the ROI of SEM investments by 15%"

Sacha Scomo

COO, Afiliza