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SpotX is the leading video advertising platform that enables media owners to monetize premium content across desktop, mobile and connected devices. The platform gives media owners the control, transparency, and actionable insights needed to understand buyer behavior, manage access and pricing, and maximize revenue.

Challenge: Qualify Supply Partners

SpotX sought an ongoing solution to qualify potential partnerships as a means of maintaining high-quality inventory and protecting buyers from purchasing traffic from domains that use low-quality traffic sourcing techniques (i.e., tracking placement through pop-ups, popunder, etc).


Since using Similarweb, SpotX has increased the supply of high-quality media owners on their platform and removed low-quality ones through strict qualification and flagging of suspicious ad traffic. SpotX uses Similarweb to analyze website traffic, digital acquisition, and engagement trends. When low-quality inventory enters a platform, programmatic bidders are more inclined to purchase due to low CPMs and — due to limitations in tracking — abnormally high rates of reported viewability.

However, the reality is that bidders often experience poor ad conversions, as most placements are either not viewed by humans or create a negative brand experience with the end consumers through poor ad delivery. By removing this type of inventory from their network, SpotX not only enables buyers to purchase high-quality inventory in which users are interested but also ensures that media spend is only directed to high-quality media owners. This has proved critical to maintaining superiority as a premium network, which helps SpotX attract new advertisers and retain existing customers.

Similarweb is key to maintaining inventory quality. The ability to capture the entire digital flow of traffic to and from websites allows us to put strict qualification measures in place to ensure only the best media owners operate on our platform. SpotX has eliminated approximately $500K per month in low-quality ad spend by leveraging Similarweb tools and eliminating poor quality sites.

Nick Frizzell

Senior Director, Brand Safety & Inventory Operations, SpotX

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