Holiday Planning Playbook 2021

Hit a retail home run this holiday season

With consumer confidence hitting a high this year,  shoppers are likely to spend more over the holidays. When compounded with the pandemic, predicting and preparing for the holidays is more difficult than ever for retailers and brands.

Make sure your brand comes out on top with insider insights on your sector.

Our industry experts put together a Holiday Planning Playbook with real-time data and eCommerce analysis by our industry experts. We break down digital performance across the web, Amazon, and online marketplaces.

It’s broken down by sector, from electronics to toys to apparel to pets, to help you win this holiday season.

Fill in your details on the right to download the complete Holiday Planning Playbook or, jump to the cheat sheet below for your sector.

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This playbook is based on data for the select Amazon categories above. It was pulled using the Shopper Intelligence tool, part of the Similarweb eCommerce solution. Insights are primarily based on performance data for the 2020 holiday season and through Q2 2021

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