Amazon Chewing & Bubble Gum Report

A category that is sticky in many ways!

Discover what’s pulling in shoppers with this Amazon Chewing & Bubble Gum category performance report. Using our new Shopper Intelligence, our industry expert discovered some sweet insights.

Here’s a preview of the report:

  • Less last-minute purchases, more online growth: Amazon Chewing & Bubble Gum revenue jumped 25% on Amazon, while product views rose 24% year-over-year (YoY).
  • High-intentioned marketplace: Chewing gum shoppers come to buy. In July, revenue climbed 20% while views only grew 6%.
  • Strong customer loyalty: Consumers who made five or more transactions comprised 29% of purchases. Trident and Extra customers are the most sticky (loyal customers).
  • Consumers prefer to make regular purchases: Bubble gum users tend to buy regularly, using features like “Subscribe & Save”.
  • Shoppers want specific types of gum: The growth of non-branded search terms indicates shoppers want specific gum types rather than specific brands. “Bubble gum” followed closely by “Mastic gum” were among the keywords with the most growth.

Read the report to learn more.

About The Author

Alisha Kapur
Lead Retail Industry Consultant

Alisha Kapur is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb focused on travel and select categories in retail and CPG. She works with clients on a global level to build efficient marketing plans, explore partnership opportunities, and optimize all steps of the consumer journey.