Biden’s First 100 Days in Office: News and Media Postmortem Analysis

April 30 marks 100 days since President Joe Biden took office. The political divisions seen in the U.S. in the month leading up to the inauguration were not only apparent on the news, but also in news consumption trends. Just as the country is divided left, right, and center, news and media website traffic followed. 

What does that mean for news and media sites exactly? That’s what we investigate in this report. Using Similarweb’s Research Intelligence for publishers, we performed a postmortem analysis of the U.S. news and media industry from Jan. 20, 2021–April 20, 2021 focusing on timely issues and government initiatives to see how President Biden’s legacy is shaping our digital behavior.

Topics covered:  

  • Who was leading in search popularity on inauguration day
  • How right-leaning websites are performing post-election
  • Search interest around Biden-related topics 

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