CC Wellness Doubles Its Amazon ROAS With Similarweb Digital Data

CC Wellness used Similarweb Shopper Intelligence to identify a new demographic, increasing sales across all SKUs and doubling #LubeLife's ROAS.

About CC Wellness
CC Wellness is a California-based pharmaceutical company specializing in personal care and intimate wellness products, including the top-selling lubricant on Amazon, #LubeLife.
Jason Molina, General Manager, eCommerce & Marketplaces at CC Wellness

"Similarweb has a great reputation, and it was already trusted by a lot of our folks internally through the free features they offer."

Jason Molina

General Manager, eCommerce & Marketplaces at CC Wellness

The Challenge

Low Amazon ROAS despite leading industry

Despite being the industry leader with top-selling personal care brands in the US and Canada, CC Wellness suffered from low return on Amazon ad spend (ROAS), limiting #LubeLife’s growth.
The Solution

Benchmarking via shopper demographic insights

CC Wellness suspected that its target audience might be limiting its ROI. To test this hypothesis, they leveraged Similarweb Shopper Intelligence's demographic insights. By examining the education, income, and employment status of #LubeLife shoppers, they benchmarked against both the category and primary competitors.
The Success

Doubling #LubeLife’s ROAS and boosting sales

Using Shopper Intelligence, CC Wellness shifted marketing efforts towards high-income shoppers, yielding remarkable results including overall increase in sales across all SKUs and doubling ROAS compared to the old demographics.

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