CJ Affiliate Acquires New Publishers With Similarweb Insights

Using Similarweb Sales Solution, CJ Affiliate assesses potential new publishers by traffic quality to enter new markets. Digital insights also enhance revenue growth with existing publishers.

About CJ Affiliate
CJ Affiliate, a prominent name in affiliate marketing, operates worldwide with pay-for-performance programs, and a network that establishes partnerships between advertisers and publishers, engaging millions of online consumers daily.
Nele Sharp Director of Global Publisher Development at CJ Affiliate

"Similarweb gave us deeper insights and provided additional visibility to the size of the market and who to go after. I can't envision my work today without having Similarweb."

Nele Sharp

Director of Global Publisher Development at CJ Affiliate

The Challenge

Finding quality publishers in new markets

CJ Affiliate had strong US and EU networks, but aimed to expand into the untapped APAC and LATAM markets. CJ Affiliate needed support in comprehending these markets and identifying suitable publishers in the region. While aware of key players, the company found it challenging to obtain a wider market and sector view. They need deeper insights into potential partnerships to ascertain which one to avoid, ensuring only high-quality publishers in their network.
Similaweb offers a list of digital Publishers which can be filtered by countries, technologies, size and more.
The Solution

Evaluating partners with traffic metrics

Leveraging the Similarweb Sales Solution, CJ Affiliate identified potential publishers in APAC and LATAM. They evaluated them based on traffic quality, quantifying opportunities and determining suitability. Using Similarweb Digital Data, CJ Affiliate increased revenue with current publishers by spotting areas for growth, additional monetization avenues, and ensuring partner qualification for to uphold network excellence.
Similaweb Digital Data, can uncover traffic and marketing channels metrics for optimization opportunities.
The Success

Increasing reach and partnership quality

Using Similarweb Digital Data, CJ Affiliate's reach in high-priority APAC and LATAM markets soared, bolstered by targeted insights that pinpointed untapped opportunities. By implementing a data-backed and rigorous qualification process, CJ Affiliate elevated the quality of their publisher inventory, ensuring excellence across their network. This empowered them to engage in meaningful consultative conversations with global publishers, enabling tailored strategies that strengthened partnerships with advertisers.
Similarweb insights can point out which publishers are winning audience engagement to optimize partnerships

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