Pan Macmillan Boosts Book Sales With Content Marketing Powered by Similarweb

Similarweb enables Pan Macmillan to fine-tune content marketing and elevate book sales through data-driven strategies and targeted audience engagement.

About Pan Macmilan
Pan Macmillan is a global publisher leveraging content marketing to boost awareness and sales of both new and existing titles. By engaging key influencers on its own and authors' sites, the company drives purchases via third-party retailers.
James Luscombe | Technology Director, Pan Macmillan

"Similarweb data has been invaluable to our content marketing efforts. The user interface is terrific. Similarweb helps us move fast and iterate in a business that never stands still; it’s a game changer. Using Similarweb, Pan Macmillan manages content for over 20 author sites generating millions of book sales."

James Luscombe

Technology Director at Pan Macmillan

The Challenge

Increasing the impact of content based on what’s trends

Content marketing is central to Pan Macmillan's digital approach. By identifying trends in book-related TV shows and popular topics, they craft SEO-optimized content. The team also monitors competitor traffic drivers and keeps an eye on best-performing titles at major booksellers like Waterstones and Foyles.
The Solution

Strategic direction from detailed keyword analyses

By leveraging Similarweb's comprehensive keyword analysis, Pan Macmillan gains valuable insights into the keywords that drive traffic to book-related sites. This enables their team to make strategic adjustments to their content strategy in order to effectively cater to emerging trends. By understanding the high-value keywords that attract attention and adjusting their approach accordingly, Pan Macmillan maximizes their chances of success in the dynamic book market.
The Success

Unlocking market success with data-driven targeting

Similarweb provides Pan Macmillan with targeted keyword analysis, highlighting high-impact terms for book-related sites. The platform also tracks top-performing titles on major online retailers, enabling real-time content strategy adjustments. Through competitive benchmarking, Pan Macmillan boosts organic search to constitute over 80% of their total website traffic.

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