Summit Media Uses Similarweb Insights to Fuel Sales Pitches

Summit Media uses Similarwer Digital Data to identify unexplored audiences, channels, and affiliates for their clients. These crucial insights drive new business for Summit Media and are utilized in 100% of their pitches.

About Summit Media
Summit Media is a retail-focused digital marketing agency, specializing in delivering Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology and Customer Journey Analysis and Insights to some of the world’s most successful retailers.
Rebecca Wilkes Director of Client Services at Summit

"We use Similarweb in 100% of our pitches, I won’t walk into a client meeting without consulting Similarweb data. With Similarweb marketing intelligence we have won more pitches, and penetrated new markets and geographies."

Rebecca Wilkes

Director of Client Services at Summit Media

The Challenge

Adding unique value in a competitive space

Retailers turn to Summit Media to help maintain the brand awareness, which is increasingly challenging as trends and consumer behaviors are constantly changing. Summit Media's Client Services team plays a crucial role in driving new business and maintaining relationships with existing customers.
With Similarweb’s market research tools you can benchmark your brand strength against your competitors.
The Solution

Keeping track of the changing trends

Similarweb has proven indispensable for assessing the influence of brand awareness on website traffic and for identifying unexplored audiences, channels, and affiliates. In an increasingly intricate digital landscape, Similarweb has enabled Summit Media to navigate changing consumer trends, ensuring a consistent and accurate view of retail industries and categories, and their players over time.
With Similarweb’s acquisition research, you can found thousands of referral sites drive traffic to competitors.
The Success

Impressing prospects with crucial insights

Similarweb swiftly emerged as Summit Media's key marketing intelligence tool, facilitating the monitoring, tracking, and optimization of client marketing strategies. Leveraging Similarweb data, the team has successfully secured 9 deals so far, attributing the tool's ability to enhance pitches and “wow” client with impactful insights.
Similarweb can reveal which marketing channels and paid strategies work for competing sites.

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