SimilarWeb insights are often quoted in top publications including CNN, The Washington Post, TechCrunch and Bloomberg Businessweek. We collaborate with journalists across the world to help them enhance their stories with online insights. SimilarWeb brings publications the ability to understand the bigger picture and publish data-driven stories that help their readers gain a better understanding of the web.

Using SimilarWeb Data in the Media

We encourage you to add depth and insights to your stories by using SimilarWeb data. When writing about us, please remember that SimilarWeb is always written in one word using capital “S” and “W”. If you are looking for deeper insights, beyond those that can be found at, for media content please feel free to contact our press relations team at the email below.

Download Full Guidelines for Using SimilarWeb Data.

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Traffic Widgets

SimilarWeb offers easy to use widgets which will enhance your content and provide added value to your publications about companies, domains or websites. The widgets are free to use and can be implemented on any page that accept embedded code. Visit our Widgets page to learn more.




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