A Deep Dive into Uber: Insights Into The Ride Hailing and Food Delivery Industries

In this Whitepaper we provide insights into whether Uber has managed to win over consumers in the ride-hailing and food delivery industries.

In the past decade both the ride-hailing and food delivery industries have reformed the way we live our lives. Uber has attempted to penetrate both these industries, but can it be the market leader in both?  

  • Lyft is encroaching on Uber’s market share in the ride-hailing sphere with a 42% YOY increase in the percentage of android devices with Lyft installed
  • Drivers are spending more time driving on Uber than Lyft – 00:51:29 more in May 2019
  • Uber Eats is a growing part of Uber’s business, increasing its percentage of gross bookings by 55% YOY, but faces serious competition


Read the white paper for a deep dive into Uber’s attempt to win market share