Back-to-School Furniture Sale

A++ insights on top products

In our latest report, our industry specialist examines market share, consumer behaviors, and purchase trends around back-to-school sales, focusing on leading furniture items to outfit dorm rooms, classrooms, and home setups.

We use Similarweb tools, Shopper and Research Intelligence, to look at performance across the web and online marketplaces like Amazon.

Here’s a preview of the key insights:

  • Desks may be one of the highest performing categories as back-to-school sales ramp up according to search trends
  • Desk, computer desk, and standing deck are some of the top furniture-related search terms on Amazon
  • Cubiker (15.2%) earned the largest share of clicks from desk searches, closely followed by CubiCubi (12.3%)

Want to score some more insights to improve your eCommerce strategy for the back-to-school season this year?

Brandon Newquist
Industry Manager Similarweb

Brandon Newquist is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb working with Retail and CPG brands to expand their eCommerce footprint. Previously, Brandon managed digital campaign measurement at Kantar for Retail and CPG brands to help them optimize their targeting and creative marketing strategies.