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Global Digital Hospitality Recovery During COVID-19

A look at how the accommodations sector is bouncing back from the effects of the pandemic.

About the Authors

Steve Solinsky
Steve Solinsky

Steve Solinsky is a Travel Industry & Market Research expert, with over 17 years of experience in supporting the growth of brands across all industry verticals. He currently leads Competitive Analytics & Insights for a large hospitality brand, leveraging industry & competitive data to drive business strategy. He has previously spent 14 years focused on developing search, eCommerce, marketing & competitive strategies across travel, CPG, & retail clients.

Alisha Kapur
Alisha Kapur
Lead Travel Industry Consultant Similarweb

Alisha Kapur is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb focused on travel and select categories in retail and CPG. She works with clients on a global level to build efficient marketing plans, explore partnership opportunities, and optimize all steps of the consumer journey.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses in virtually every industry globally, and the accommodations sector is no exception.

In this comprehensive whitepaper, we examine a set of issues concerning the consumer’s recovery journey in the hospitality landscape, including differing booking traffic patterns for global and U.S. accommodation destinations and emerging recovery trends across key markets.

Specifically, within the U.S., we focus on the differences between hotel chains, vacation rentals, OTAs, metasearch sites, airlines, and cruise lines. And we review the factors that are affecting market share changes in key hotel subcategories.

The whitepaper examines global accommodations’ recovery through four different lenses:

  • Digital demand (traffic trends)
  • Digital-based revenue (online bookings)
  • Domestic vs. international breakouts in different countries
  • Hotel chain scale views in the U.S.


The analysis applies to digital insights analysts and market researchers in the travel and tourism industry.