Industry Web Traffic Heatmaps: Special Edition

2022 vs. 2019, A Comparison Constructed with 5-year Historical Data

Following the release of 5-year historical web traffic and engagement traffic (through batch API), we examine the pandemic winners and losers, comparing the data from 2022 vs. 2019. 

The Web Traffic Heatmaps leverage Similarweb’s key datasets to track the health of a wide scope of industries throughout the world and consumer behavior across various sectors. 

We scan the Similarweb universe of digital data to lay the foundation for tracking and monitoring key sector trends and offer insight on how and why they inflected.

Jeremy Scott is the Director of Research for Similarweb’s Investor Solutions. Prior to Similarweb, Jeremy was a Director and Senior Research Analyst at Mizuho covering Food, Restaurants & Delivery. He has worked in similar roles at CLSA and Morgan Stanley. Jeremy brings nearly a decade of sell-side experience to Similarweb and specializes in building robust predictive models for complex industries in order to generate investment opportunities for clients. He is a graduate of Lafayette College and a CFA charter holder.

Jeremy Scott

Director or Research, Similarweb Investor Analytics