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The Travel Industry: A Year Of Lockdowns

2020’s impact on travel and predictions for a post-pandemic world

This report discusses major changes in the global digital travel space over the past year, how we predict these changes will play out in the long-term, and what travel brands can do to strategically take advantage of them. 

Topics covered include:

  • Land travel vs. air travel vs. lodging: which area of travel is leading recovery and how will other areas will pick up?
  • Strategy shift in the lodging sector: what pre-pandemic marketing strategy is no longer impactful for the lodging sector? (We’ll also reveal the only major lodging site to maintain bookings and increase unique bookings this year)
  • Mobile vs. desktop booking –  a historic shift: what’s driving the market?
  • Lockdowns vs. pandemic fears: what’s holding back regional recovery across the globe?
  • New pandemic vacation hotspots: which destinations will (continue to) experience growth, while others suffer?


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About the Author

Alisha Kapur
Lead Travel & Beauty Industry Consultant Similarweb

Alisha Kapur is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb focused on travel and select categories in retail and CPG. She works with clients on a global level to build efficient marketing plans, explore partnership opportunities, and optimize all steps of the consumer journey.