SEO Leaderboard: Industry Breakdown of Traffic and Conversion

2020 rocked the digital marketing and SEO landscape. As COVID-19 forced storefronts to close, consumers and businesses focused their attention online. A few companies with strong SEO strategies successfully dominated their industries. Want to know what they did right? 

We analyzed 11 popular industries to see who won the most organic traffic in 2020. And we didn’t stop there. Another key focus of our analysis: traffic that actually converted. Because ultimately that’s what matters for the bottom line.

In Similarweb’s SEO leaderboard report, you’ll get the full breakdown of conversion rates of organic traffic by industry. You’ll also see which companies, big and small, beat out their competition and snatched the biggest piece of their market share. Spoiler alert, there were some obvious winners and a few shockers, but you’ll have to read the full report to get all the details.

Report: SEO leaderboard - Industry breakdown of traffic & convestion

This report breaks down the key metrics, so you can: