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Conversion & Funnel Analysis

Discover the path to purchase across various properties and products with SimilarWeb’s conversion analysis reports

  • Benchmark your conversion against any competitor or market
  • Improve your brand performance & conversion on retailer websites
  • Understand how each marketing channel converts
  • Find the keywords from search engines that result in the highest conversion rates and volumes


Brand Market Landscape

Get data on any brand in a specific market or category

  • Recognise any brand’s market presence in any country
  • Find potential competitors based on recent growth
  • Find out what’s driving traffic through specific product-related keywords (branded and non-branded)


In-Site Search

Get a full analysis of what users search for on e-commerce/retailer websites

  • Reveal the branded and non-branded keywords people search for on and other retailer sites
  • Understand volume and trends of searches within any retailer or e-commerce website
  • Discover the best converting search terms for particular products within retailer sites, to optimize your performance


Audience Analysis

Research the online behavior of your target audience in order to attract, convert and retain customers

  • Analyze audience overlap between you and your competitors
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors within overlapping audiences
  • Uncover your audience path to conversion across websites


Lead Generation Reports

A comprehensive list of leading websites in any industry or country, to jump start your lead generation efforts

  • Find the largest websites getting traffic from AdSense in any country
  • Discover sites getting visits from specific keywords which have at least 100,000 visits from a particular country
  • Filter potential clients by recent changes in traffic, location and more
  • Find only relevant leads to ensure positive ROI

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