About Adyen

Adyen is an all-in-one payments platform with leading technology that adapts to any business, store, industry, or shopper journey. With a single integration, businesses can give customers the right payment methods, expand into new markets, manage risk, and increase conversions using in-depth data insights.

Challenge: Focusing on the Right Leads

As a leading payment solution, Adyen needed to manage their ongoing stream of inbound leads by identifying the right opportunities and find a way to prioritize them accordingly. In addition, in order to execute on their global expansion strategy and hit sales goals, they needed to focus on the right leads to go after as part of their growing outbound efforts. To optimize the buyer journey, and as part of their consultative sales approach, Adyen worked in unison with their prospects to identify areas of value and execute on combined goals. Doing this required an in-depth understanding of their business which was difficult to attain.

Success: Data-driven Approach to Optimizing Inbound and Outbound Activities

Using Similarweb, Adyen has been able to leverage digital performance insights to identify, qualify and prioritize potential merchants based on the size of the deal and solution fit. Similarweb’s unique dataset provides them with an objective assessment of size, that couldn’t be achieved otherwise.

By integrating Similarweb data into their demand generation products and outbound processes, opportunities can be easily qualified and prioritized at scale, saving time and resources.

Adyen’s sales process bases itself upon the creation of partnerships, by providing tailored solutions and continuous value for mutual growth with their merchants. Once a prospect is identified, Sales Managers use digital performance insights and geographical activity to identify the right solution. Thus, creating fruitful relationships where both sides benefit and grow.

"There is nothing like Similarweb data to provide insights into better understanding our prospects and improving sales efficiency."

Floris Dorgelo

Demand Generation Product Manager, Adyen

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