Increasing the pace of pipeline and revenues to meet company growth goals

With a track record of 40 years delivering newspapers, PCF has expanded its services and expertise to parcels delivery. This change in strategy and operations created a new opportunity in the market, which the sales team was tasked to achieve. PCF was looking for a way to dramatically increase pipeline and revenue at a faster pace by adding more eCommerce companies to their client base, with limited resources to do so.

Generating $15M+ in pipeline within the first 30 days

With a clear definition of their ideal customer profile, growing eCommerce companies shipping in the US, PCF came to Similarweb to easily identify prospects who fit their criteria. Using Similarweb, PCF was able to create opportunities with a potential revenue of over $15M within the first 30 days of their subscription. They have done that by using Similarweb to identify the right companies to go after, qualify the size and fit of the opportunity based on how much traffic they are getting in the US, and optimize their outreach by using digital performance insights.

“What Similarweb brought was speed - targeting the right audience, determining that those prospective accounts fit within our ideal customer profile, and then leveraging that to do the actual outreach. Similarweb is a game changer for our sales team”

Matt Clark

Vice President, Growth, PCF