The Digital Trends Every Agency Needs To Know

Trends dictate everything from the places we shop to the shows we watch. They even influence what we eat (beyond meat, anyone?).  If 2020 taught us anything it’s that digital life is booming and there are countless new players and industry shifts that your agency needs to follow to stay ahead of the trends.  

In this webinar, we’ll analyze emerging trends at the root of the current digital transformation. Then, we’ll share insights based on Similarweb’s digital data to help you shape your agency’s strategy moving forward. 

Trends we’ll cover:

  • Traffic to top 100 sites worldwide
  • Social media and streaming app downloads
  • Overall traffic to shopping sites in different countries
  • Marketing channels overview of traffic share for shopping sites

About the Presenter

Tomas Seliokas
Agencies Industry Consultant Similarweb

Tomas Seliokas is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb, specializing in the agency & management consulting sectors. He works with companies all over the globe, helping them use our online competitive intelligence solution to make better-informed business decisions.