Due to COVID-19’s business implications, it has never been more important to be equipped with Market Intelligence to understand customers’ changing needs and online behaviors as a result of the crisis.

Tune in for a recorded session with Rachel Rix, Senior Solution Implementation Manager, and Tomas Seliokas, Strategic Consultant.

What to expect:

  • Identify the key players in any industry and market
  • Benchmark yourself against competitors
  • Reveal blind spots and growth opportunities across different marketing channels
  • Validate which competitor and channel has the highest conversion rate
  • Deep dive into a specific marketing channel to improve your performance
  • Assess the performance of yours vs. your competitors’ content


We finished off with a Q&A session that gave live viewers the opportunity to ask our team questions about how to leverage our platform to help you navigate through these challenging times.

Our webinar is ideally created for new and potential clients who want to learn the most commonly-used, must-know features of Similarweb, but also for our more seasoned clients who would like a fresh review of all its powerful capabilities.

About the Presenters

Rachel Rix
Senior Solution Implementation Manager Similarweb

As Senior Solution Implementation Manager, Rachel is responsible for educating our customers on our Solution. Rachel helps map out the most relevant use cases to our customers and integrate Similarweb into their daily work processes. Rachel has worked with clients across various roles and industries including Retail, Travel & Leisure and CPG and knows exactly what our customers' pain points are and how to get maximum value from the tool.

Tomas Seliokas
Industry Consultant Similarweb

Tomas Seliokas is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb, specializing in the agency & management consulting sectors. He works with companies all over the globe, helping them use our online competitive intelligence solution to make better-informed business decisions.