Amazon Prime Day took place on July 12-13, and Similarweb was the first to go live with exclusive insights from the largest digital shopping event of the year.

Watch as Brandon Newquist, our in-house eCommerce Specialist covers the results from Prime Day and recaps the trends that matter the most to your business.

We’ve leveraged our eCommerce digital suite to answer questions such as:

  • How is Prime Day 2022 different from other shopping days and past events?
  • What are the top-selling brands, products, and categories this year?
  • How do current events like the economic downturn and inflation hike impact this year’s sales?
  • What are the implications for retailers and those hosting competing shopping events?
  • What are consumers searching for on Prime Day and do these on-site search trends translate into product views and conversions?

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Results & Recap by Similarweb

Brandon Newquist
Brandon Newquist
eCommerce Specialist Similarweb

Brandon Newquist is an eCommerce Specialist at Similarweb, focused on retail and CPG trends. His work has been featured in the Digital Commerce 360 newsletter. He is currently supporting the development and roll out of Similarweb’s Shopper Intelligence solution, a platform that helps businesses dig deeper into consumer behavior on large online marketplaces.