Why You Should Approach Content Like an Investor with Ross Simmonds

Content marketing is more like investing than most people think. Do you view every piece of content created as an investment in your organization’s ROI? If not, you should.

In this webinar with Ross Simmonds, we break down how to scale your content and bring in higher returns over the long haul. Finding unique content opportunities to turn into your distinct marketing advantage – or content marketing moat – insulates your ROI and guarantees continual traffic.  

Get research tips and tactical advice to pinpoint low-risk, high-reward content opportunities centered around your customers’ motivations, search intent, and triggers from Ross Simmonds himself. 

Key topics covered:  

  • What insights do you need to identify high-value content
  • Where to distribute your assets
  • How to leverage your content (for years) and drive ongoing ROI

About the Presenters

Gerald Murphy
Senior Solution Business Manager Similarweb

Gerald has worked in SEO for over 10 years across in-house, agency and SaaS teams with brands including: Nestlé, Shell and Konga (Nigeria's Amazon). Previously he has written for Search Engine Watch and taught SEO as a guest lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. He self confesses as a digital and search geek. Currently, Gerald drives Similarweb's SEO strategy by listening to the voices of the customer and working with the product to enhance and design unique SEO features as a Senior Solution Business Manager for the Digital Marketing Intelligence solution.

Ross Simmonds
Founder Foundation Marketing

Ross Simmonds is the founder of Foundation and is a marketer passionate about all things tech. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing, Ross is an entrepreneur who consistently strives to give back. He sits on the board of directors for Volta Labs, Black Business Initiative and Boys & Girls Club of Preston, as well as the board of trustees for Phoenix Youth Programs. Over the last 10 years, Ross has worked closely with a wide range of brands across the globe ranging from Fortune 500 companies to up-and-coming startups. He’s been published in Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Venture Beat, BET, CBC, Social Media Examiner and more.