With Google ranked as the number one source of traffic to content, how can you stand out in the search engine’s highly competitive ecosystem?                                                              

Jackie Lee, Similarweb’s Head of Publishers and Media, and Barry Adams, Founder of Polemic Digital, which specializes in SEO for news publishers, are coming together to bring you actionable insights to make your content more discoverable. 

You’ll come away with:

  • Skills to promote your content and make it discoverable
  • Increased technical SEO expertise for faster crawling and indexing of your articles
  • Techniques and tools to drive the right traffic 
  • Insights on trending topics and keyword freshness to help gain a share of voice
Jackie Lee
Head of Publishers Similarweb

Jackie Lee is the Head of Publishers and Media Industry at Similarweb. She helps publishing and media brands develop strategies to engage new audiences, defend ad sales, and maximize consumer conversions. Jackie was previously the Director of Audience and Data Strategy for The New York Times, and she comes with a background in programmatic media.

Barry Adams
Specialised SEO Consultant Polemic Digital

Barry Adams has been building and ranking websites since 1998. Through his Polemic Digital consultancy business, he focuses on technical SEO and specialised services for news publishers. Barry counts some of the world's largest media brands among his clients including FOX, News UK, The Guardian, Future Publishing, Politico, and TNW. He is a regular speaker at conferences and events, delivers annual guest lectures for local universities, and writes an irregular newsletter on seoforgooglenews.com.