In today’s economic climate, we often need to find ways to do more with less budget.

So what if we told you there’s a solution that could help achieve a 3-year ROI of over 640%, decrease CPC by 15%, and more?* 

Watch the conversation on how agile marketing teams can use digital intelligence to achieve smart growth. 

Alongside a guest speaker from Forrester and using real results from a Similarweb customer, we show you how to:  

  • Harness data to spot opportunities and reduce risk 
  • Make smarter business decisions according to market trends and competitor strategies
  • Leverage digital insights to gain market share
  • Adjust your marketing spend to be more efficient and in line with the consumer journey 

*The webinar discusses a Forrester Total Economic Impact(TM) study commissioned by Similarweb

Baruch Toledano
VP, GM Digital Marketing Solution, Similarweb Similarweb

Baruch Toledano is Similarweb's VP and GM of the Digital Marketing Solution. He is a seasoned strategy and product leader, with over two decades of hands-on experience in digital marketing, SEO and ecommerce technologies. Prior to joining Similarweb, Baruch was the Chief Product and Growth Officer at Conductor, a leading Enterprise SEO & Content Intelligence solution used daily by large SEO and content marketing teams. He has also led the product management of Magento, an open source ecommerce platform used by millions of merchants globally.

Amy Harrison
Senior TEI Consultant Forrester

Amy is a senior consultant for the Total Economic Impact™ practice at Forrester. In this role, she works with technology clients to demonstrate and justify the return on investment (ROI) and business value of technology based on the costs, benefits, flexibility, and risk associated with specific investments. Amy has almost two decades of experience working with a variety of Forrester's largest clients both technology providers and Fortune companies.