Building and optimizing a strong SEO and content strategy is the key to beating the competition and standing out in today’s digital world.

Watch our webinar, Take SEO by Storm with Marshall Simmonds and DefineMG, where Similarweb Strategic Consultant, Tomas Seliokas, and Similarweb’s Head of SEO, Roy Hinkis host a panel discussion with Marshall Simmonds, Founder of DefineMG, Adam Sherk, and Shahad Abbas, VPs at DefineMG. 

Get Expert Insights into:

  • Changes to the content industry and the evolution of organic search
  • The politics of SEO in a large organization and how to get buy-in for SEO
  • Website auditing processes to find the largest opportunities
  • The best ways to find relevant and trending content ideas consistently
  • Measuring performance and reporting frameworks

About the Presenters

Marshall Simmonds
Founder Define Media Group

Marshall Simmonds is the Founder of Define Media Group, the enterprise SEO company specializing in enterprise search marketing and strategic audience development. As a leader in the search industry since 1997, Marshall has consulted with the biggest brands online.

Shahzad Abbas
VP, Digital Media Define Media Group

Shahzad Abbas is VP of Digital Media at Define Media Group. Through his expertise in search marketing, web analytics and social media, Shahzad helps Define Media Group’s enterprise clients increase traffic, engagement, conversions and revenue.

Adam Sherk
VP SEO and Digital Strategy Define Media Group

Adam Sherk helps Define clients to develop and execute effective SEO and audience development programs. Adam brings an additional perspective to the Define team through his 15+ years of experience in online public relations.

Tomas Seliokas
Strategic Consultant Similarweb

Tomas Seliokas is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb, specializing in the agency & management consulting sectors. He works with companies all over the globe, helping them use our online competitive intelligence solution to make better-informed business decisions.

Roy Hinkis
Head of SEO Similarweb

Roy builds and executes ambitious SEO & growth strategies at Similarweb. He's a SEO & Digital Marketing consultant with 12 years of experience. During his career he advised industry leaders such as Walmart, Waze & Lyft.