Over the last few months we have seen some historic changes in the job market. The US and UK have shifted from record low levels of unemployment to record highs. Market Intelligence is the key to understanding these changes, and what’s to come next. During this live webinar, we will look at the impact COVID-19 has had on unemployment and job recruitment sites in the US and UK.

Watch our webinar “Using Market Intelligence to Understand the 2020 Job Market” as Ariane Turley, Similarweb‘s Expert Industry Consultant walks you through the latest trends.

Topics we covered included:

  • What traffic trends to unemployment sites can tell us about the road to recovery.
  • How unemployment has affected the job site market.
  • How supply and demand on job recruitment websites has shifted.
  • The winning recruitment sites during this time period.

About the Presenter

Ariane Turley
Industry Consultant Similarweb