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UK Black Friday: Results & Insights

Category sales data, winning brands, and trending products to optimize your 2023 strategy.

How can you optimize your strategy for the action-packed year ahead? 

By accessing the most up-to-date UK Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping insights – before your competitors do – and using them to build a stronger strategy for 2023. Time is of the essence.

As UK spending tightens amid high inflation and consumers brace for the cold weather, you’ll be surprised to find out which industries actually experienced an increase in sales.

Find out which trends will affect your industry this holiday season and the coming year with exclusive insights into category performance, fastest-growing subcategories, the most popular brands, and the keywords that drive the most traffic.

With these insights, you’ll be able to:

In a downturn market, real-time data matters the most. Understand how your company performed on the biggest shopping days of the year relative to your competitors and your industry, and make sure to stock up on the items that fly off the virtual shelves.

Use the latest insights from BFCM to your advantage. Download our report.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find inside: