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Why should you rely on Similarweb Retail & eCommerce Analysis?

Retailers and eCommerce companies use our data to make strategic-decisions on
product category launches, benchmark against competitors and analyze conversion goals to drive business growth.


Behavioral Data
Understand how consumers shop online across 100M+ websites and apps


Competitive Insights
Discover any competitor’s digital performance with over 50+ traffic and engagement metrics    


Conversion Data
Drill down into bottom-of-the-funnel metrics across 235M e-commerce product SKUs, plus onsite search

Learn where consumers spend their time and money

Discover across lines-of-business where consumers are shopping for specific products and how to optimize pricing strategies

Learn where consumers spend their time and money
Measure your performance

Measure your performance and monitor share of wallet

Benchmark your performance against the retail industry and see where and how you can win back market share

Reveal cross-shopping behavior and audience interests

Find out where your visitors are cross-shopping and track the full consumer journey from awareness through to purchase

Reveal cross-shopping behavior and audience interests
Optimize your eCommerce conversion funnel

Optimize your eCommerce conversion funnel

View purchase metrics, like conversion rate and converted visits, to find the best-converting channels for any retailer

Get answers to your business critical questions about eCommerce:

eCommerce leaders

Who are the leading players in the eCommerce landscape and who is gaining market share?

Top products

What is the demand of the top products within a category?

Retail market size

What is the size of the retail industry in a specific market?

Audience overlap

How can I compare my audience to my competitors and win back market share?

Conversion rate

What is a good conversion rate in the retail industry?

Best keywords

What are the best-performing, high-intent retail keywords?

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