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Similarweb Launches Investors Solution to Optimize Investment Decisions and Portfolio Performance

Similarweb's new Investors Solution enables digital visibility for investors to assess and benchmark private and public companies' performance to empower better investment decisions

April 23, 2019 – Similarweb, the world’s leading market intelligence company, is announcing the launch of its Investors Solution, set to empower investors to make better investment decisions and grow their portfolios. The set of solutions is ideal for Venture Capital, Private Equity, Investment Banking, and Hedge Funds, and is designed to answer investors’ most critical digital questions by providing 360° visibility into a company or market’s digital performance and trends.

Traditionally, investors have leveraged fundamental data sets to evaluate company performance. The lack of objective and real-time digital data sets has diminished the ability of investors to optimize decisions within the digital space, understand market trends, and benchmark companies against one another.

Combining Similarweb’s deep and comprehensive data set which includes desktop, mobile, web, app and search, with its unique algorithms, Similarweb empowers investors to assess and understand both the performance and the potential of private and public companies.

Similarweb is the first to infuse deep digital insights into the investment lifecycle, enabling the breakdown of digital strategies, analysis of companies’ brand health, evaluation of marketing strategies, and assessment of market growth and key trends.

Optimizing decisions throughout an investment’s lifecycle, Similarweb, the leading alternative data provider, enables investors to:

  • Map: Understand the market, and quickly identify trends and consumer acquisition strategies in any industry with a digital footprint.
  • Source: Be the first to spot growing companies and identify growth signals amongst your target list seamlessly and effectively.
  • Evaluate: Make better investment decisions by evaluating and benchmarking digital performance, and uncovering marketing strategies, product adoption, and user engagement patterns.
  • Monitor: Leverage a one-stop-shop solution to grow your portfolio and maximize investment returns by analyzing the portfolio competitive landscape and implementing digital best practices.


“By bringing full digital visibility to the investment process, we are the first to empower investors with a complete picture of the digital performance and potential of an investment opportunity,” said Or Offer, CEO, and Founder of Similarweb. “In an increasingly competitive environment, the ability to see potential winners with more clarity is game-changing, and the insights we provide are already enabling top investors to optimize their decision-making and improve their portfolio performance.”

“Similarweb is a key part of Naspers’ dealmaking and a strong enabler for us to make strategic investment decisions, based on the companies’ and industries’ web and app performance,” says Patrick Beatty, Senior Director at Naspers. “We also leverage Similarweb for our portfolio companies and are very excited for planned future product developments.”


Similarweb provides the measure of the digital world. With the largest international online panel consisting of hundreds of millions of devices, Similarweb provides granular insights about any website or app across a wide array of industries. Global brands such as Google, eBay and adidas rely on Similarweb to understand, track and grow their digital market share. The company has raised $112M to date and has 450 employees and offices spanning four continents. Similarweb has been named one of Wall Street’s Secret Weapons and one of Calcalist’s 2018 List of 50 Most Promising Israeli Startups.

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