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Similarweb launches the next generation of its digital marketing and research solutions to transform digital intelligence

Product updates are tailored to users' unique workflows and designed to accelerate 'speed to insight'

November 11 — Similarweb, the world’s leading digital intelligence company, announced today the next generation of Similarweb’s Digital Marketing Intelligence and Research Intelligence solutions, built to empower decision-makers to improve digital strategy and execution at every level of the organization.

Similarweb introduced dedicated solutions for marketers and researchers early last year, and with today’s product updates, is transforming the entire process of surfacing digital insights with a use-case-first model.

“Similarweb has helped me close new partnerships and increase revenue for years. Recent innovations to the Digital Marketing Intelligence solution have empowered me with a more comprehensive understanding of the affiliate landscape to identify the most profitable partnership opportunities,” says Stephanie Cloud, Director of Online Sales & Partner Marketing at MGM Resorts.

Easy to use and powered by the world’s most comprehensive digital data, the new Digital Marketing Intelligence and Research Intelligence solutions allow users to not only save time and resources, but to also swiftly seize market opportunities and mitigate emerging threats.

New capabilities & benefits include:

  • Proactive and actionable toolkits to integrate into users’ workflows, offering greater value extraction
  • Use case first modules to surface better discoverability of features and enable faster onboarding and adoption of Similarweb throughout an organization
  • Intuitive UI to deliver instant insights by answering business questions in just a few clicks

“To win in the digital world means making quick, deliberate, and informed decisions based on insights — but these insights are never one-size-fits-all,” says Benjamin Seror, Chief Product Officer at Similarweb. “Without the right information at exactly the right time, digital decision-makers can easily miss a chance to seize a growth opportunity, or mitigate a potential risk. This is why we designed the next generation of our business solutions to be use-case-first, so our diverse user base is automatically empowered with the relevant, impactful digital intelligence they need to outperform their competition.”

Nicoleta Lordache, Head of Digital Intelligence & Analytics at Cheil, adds that “using the next generation of the Research Intelligence solution, I discovered new capabilities that have revolutionized the way I analyze markets based on the topics people are searching for across the web. This is a tool my team and I can’t do without.”

Learn more about Similarweb’s updates to its Digital Marketing and Research Intelligence Solutions here.

About Similarweb:

As the most trusted platform for understanding online behavior, millions of people rely on Similarweb insights daily as the ground truth for their knowledge of the digital world. We empower anyone — from the curious individual to the enterprise business leader — to make smarter decisions by understanding why things happen across the digital ecosystem.