Similarweb experts co-hosted a webinar with our friends at Crunchbase, the leading destination for investment intelligence and news about global companies. Together we discussed the recent Crunchbase/Similarweb partnership, highlighted the growing importance of alternative data for investors, and analyzed the drivers of success for high-performance companies like Wish and 23andMe. Watch the webinar and learn how Similarweb and Crunchbase can help you:

  • Identify new investment opportunities

  • Conduct due diligence and evaluate growth potential

  • Monitor and grow your portfolio over time

About the Presenters

Karishma Bhatia
Product Manager Crunchbase

Karishma is responsible for growing Crunchbase's partner data and enhancing the Crunchbase experience for users. She is passionate about helping professionals make better data-driven decisions, eating sushi, and playing with her labradoodle.

Ed Lavery
Investment Industry Specialist Similarweb

Ed advises both public and private investors on how to implement digital data into their investment analysis. Prior to Similarweb, Ed worked with many of the world’s leading global brands, shaping their digital strategies through market intelligence data. Before that, Ed worked in Investment Banking in London.

Dan Hillyer
Product Marketing Manager Similarweb

Dan is responsible for understanding the challenges that businesses face and launching new products that address these challenges. Dan has been working at high-tech startups for the last 5 years. In his previous company AreaOne, Dan led a global marketing program, prior to the company’s acquisition by Taptica.