Any big product launch or new marketing campaign ultimately means nothing if they miss the mark – your audience. One of the most daunting questions for anyone in the digital world is: What if no one cares?

That’s where audience analysis comes in.  It’s the difference between guessing what your users will care about and analyzing their behavior over time so you’re prepared for any new trends. Data-driven insights are your key to building meaningful relationships with customers – ones that convert into brand awareness and higher conversions. 

Join us alongside the social media gurus from Mention for an audience analysis workshop on Wednesday, December 1 at 11 AM EST / 4PM GMT so you can unleash audience growth and loyalty in 2022. 

You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to: 

  • Identify and qualify your target audience
  • Monitor consumer behavior and track trends over time 
  • Create content your users actually care about
  • Grow your brand into a household name 
Chloe Nicholls
Product Marketing Manager Similarweb

Chloe is the product marketing manager for the Digital Research Intelligence solution. She is loves talking to customers and learning about how they use data to make strategic business decisions. With 10+ years of experience in B2B marketing, Chloe is passionate about the intersection of online business, technology, and creating products that people love. Chloe is based in London, UK and enjoys exploring the creative arts, independent cafes and theatres.

Francesca Chong
Head of Content Mention

Francesca specializes in building multichannel digital marketing strategies and creating content, with a wide experience covering start-ups, scale-ups, and agency environments. She is currently leading Mention's content strategy.