We recently sat down for a talk with Brent Thill, research veteran and Tech Sector Leader at global investment banking firm Jefferies. Brent and his team use a wide range of data sources and intelligence to scrutinize companies daily, using detailed competitive performance metrics only Similarweb can uncover.

Watch the webinar recording to gain a fresh perspective on research and company benchmarking.

This webinar covered new ways to use web and app metrics in your industry to benchmark and report performance, how these insights help determine who is positioned for future growth, and how this information can be leveraged to combat market instability.

After watching, you’ll walk away with:

  • A breakdown of the best metrics to assess company and market performance
  • Tips on how you can sharpen your benchmark reporting to get deeper insights into currently turbulent markets
  • An understanding of how category and competitor data can back up your strategy and contextualize your performance
Brent Thill
Tech Sector Leader, Software/Internet Research Jefferies

Marta Sułkiewicz
VP of the Global Research Solution Similarweb

About the speaker:

Marta guides product strategy with the goal of revolutionizing market research using more granular and relevant data. Marta previously worked as Chief Growth Officer at Gemius, leading business and growth strategy, and also spent over 10 years as an entrepreneur running an SMB in the digital media sector.

Ed Lavery
VP of Investor Intelligence Similarweb

About the speaker:

Ed advises both public and private investors on how to implement digital data into their investment analysis. Prior to Similarweb, Ed worked with many of the world’s leading global brands, shaping their digital strategies through market intelligence data. Before that, Ed worked in Investment Banking in London.