Digital retail is on the rise. This ongoing shift has radically altered consumer behavior and the dynamics of market competition. Online marketplaces like Amazon have become the new gateways to consumers, and effectively capturing this demand requires brands to build a comprehensive digital retail strategy.  

In this exclusive webinar, Similarweb teams up with Momentum Commerce, a leading US eCommerce consultancy specializing in empowering brands with data and insights to improve marketplace performance. Attendees will gain clear, actionable guidance on how to build a winning Amazon strategy using key data sources.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How to determine market size
  • Appraising the competitive landscape
  • Crafting effective growth plans
  • Evaluating category expansion vs. product innovation
  • Gauging the value of a potential acquisition
Luke Downes
Senior Partner Marketing Manager Similarweb

Brandon Newquist
Product Specialist Similarweb

Eileen Devor
Head of Strategy at Momentum Commerce Momentum Commerce