eCom Health and Food Trends Shoppers Are Craving Now

Are you part of the health and food industry? Join our latest webinar and learn how to optimize your eCommerce strategy in light of consumer trends, shopper behavior, and digital performance. Register now.

There are an estimated 24 million eCommerce websites around the world. And by the time you finish reading this, there will be even more. 

The market is constantly changing based on the latest health fad or viral food sensation (think the TikTok feta pasta you’ve definitely tried). 

How can you keep up? 

Find out in the recap of our latest webinar –  eCom Health and Food Trends Shoppers Are Craving Now.

Access exclusive analysis and real-time data on the health and food retail market from our in-house expert. Expect insight into the latest consumer trends, shopper behavior, and digital performance to help you sell more online. 

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of: 

  • Digital performance of the industry, including website and category traffic, revenue, and market health
  • The latest changes in consumer behavior, from search to subscriptions
  • Shopper trend forecasts for the year ahead
  • Categories we expect to win this year on Amazon, and others that will fall flat

Watch the webinar now:

Lucas Pettinato
Industry Manager Similarweb

Lucas is an Industry Consultant at Similarweb focused on retail and CPG, particularly health and household goods and food categories. His work has been featured in Footwear News and various Esports journals.

Prior to Similarweb, Lucas started his career at Nielsen where he discovered his passion for client service and leveraging his analytical mindset to solve business problems.