As we prepare for our second holiday season in a pandemic, we are entering uncharted territory. COVID-19 trends continue to evolve and continue to affect how we live, how we consume, and how we engage. These trends are even more pronounced around the holidays. 

To navigate these trends and maximize potential readership, publishers must take note of what’s top of mind for consumers right now.  

That’s why we went live alongside content analytics platform Chartbeat, as we share what holiday content planning should look like in 2021. 

We share critical consumer insights to help shape your Q4 strategy, including:  

  • COVID sentiment: How has the ongoing pandemic affected the overall consumer climate? 
  • eCommerce trendspotting: What products are capturing consumers’ wallets? 
  • Audience engagement: What content is engaging readers most? 
  • Channel strategy: How (and when) are readers discovering content?

With these key insights, you’ll have the tools to plan for your best holiday season yet! 

Jackie Lee
Head of Publishers Similarweb

Jackie is the Head of Publishers at Similarweb. Her background is in digital marketing and audience strategy and recently joined the company from The New York Times. Jackie helps clients in the publisher industry uncover actionable insights to inform editorial decisions, bolster ad sales, and meet subscriptions goals. She is based in New York.

Jill Nicholson
Chief Marketing Officer Chartbeat

Jill Nicholson is the Chief Marketing Officer at Chartbeat, an editorial analytics platform for publishers. She works with content sites around the world to arm their teams with the insights they need to turn data into action. Before that, she was a long-time Chartbeat user -- working in digital strategy for a local news site in Westchester, NY. In her seven years at Chartbeat, Jill has supplemented her newsroom experiences with best practices learned from the diverse organizations that Chartbeat serves.