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Making data-driven decisions is not just good for business. In the face of global economic uncertainty, it is paramount for success. In this webinar, Similarweb’s Alisha Kapur and Jamie Drayton discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the outlook for the travel, retail, eCommerce, and financial services sectors in the Asia Pacific region.

The first half of this hour-long presentation is dedicated to Australia, during which we address consumer trends, including an in-depth look at retail, financial services, and more. The second part covers Japan, focusing on retail and eCommerce, travel, and other transactional industries.

These are the key topics covered in the presentation:

First half-hour (Australia):

  • Websites and apps that are most frequently being used for work, leisure, and communication
  • Retail and eCommerce – who’s winning and who’s losing consumers and how online behaviors changed over the past month
  • A deep dive into consumer finance trends, including digital-first banking providers, credit card issuers, and more


Second half-hour (Japan):

  • An overview of the difficulties facing organizations and individuals during the transition to work from home
  • What’s going on with retail and travel? Discover how purchasing trends have evolved in response to the recent developments
  • The span of impact – from ‘back-to-school’ beauty brands to alcohol sales


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About the Presenters

Alisha Kapur
Lead eCommerce & Travel Consultant Similarweb

Alisha Kapur is a Solution Consultant, specializing in market analysis for travel, e-commerce, and retail. She assists with the company’s custom data science for top strategic customers, providing actionable insights based on cutting-edge research. Prior to joining Similarweb, she was an analyst for Walmart eCommerce, managing the P&L of a $16 million vertical and running digital campaign strategies.

Jamie Drayton
Lead eCommerce & Financial Services Consultant Similarweb

Jamie Drayton is Lead Financial Services Consultant at Similarweb. He has a background in eCommerce consulting services for business development and growth. His clients include industry experts across top players in retail banking, credit cards, affiliates, and insurance.