Smart home systems and devices are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. From security cameras and Wi-Fi locks to remotely controlled thermostats, and sprinklers, these AI-powered products offer an unparalleled experience in terms of convenience and conform.

Watch our webinar to discover the winning strategies behind the companies driving growth in this space and the opportunities that will define retail in 2020 and beyond.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Who’s winning in the smart device market
  • What marketing strategies and keywords they are leveraging to gain traffic
  • How Amazon Echo and Google Home are specifically driving growth
  • Which affiliate sites are helping top retailers to meet consumer needs

You’ll also have the opportunity to discover the winners and losers of Valentine’s Day, and the specific categories, products, and shopping-related keywords that were trending the most this year.

The webinar is ideally suited for clients in the world of retail who want to learn more about emerging trends and how to identify buyer intent as well as high-quality referral opportunities.

About the Presenter

Caroline Kim
Lead Retail & eCommerce Consultant Similarweb

Caroline Kim is a strategic consultant at Similarweb, specializing in market research for e-commerce, consumer electronics and more. Her prior experience working with e‑commerce and retail companies fuels her passion for studying trends in the retail space.